Attic Pest Inspection & Prevention

Do you hear a strange sound from the attic?

Yes, these are the sounds of pests live inside your house attic. You should know that some pests and animals or birds surround every attic in your house. They find a place to live in your attic from any holes because there is cold outside, so they stay to get warm bodies to keep inside the attic and save their bodies from freezing.
There are some areas in your house which need "Inspection" because pests find a way to get in your home through these areas and you have to face this kind of issues:

Poor Ventilation

Proper ventilation keeps the house cooler in the summer season, and the poor ventilation causes temperature rising and moisture in your house. It is crucial. Proper airflow in your house moderates the temperature. The wildlife comes and stays there in the attic.

Poor Insulation

Poor insulation causes damage and weakens the attic, walls, and ceilings because attic pests chew through the insulation in your ceilings and walls will lead to less effective insulation in your house and an enfeeble structure.

Chimney and storage areas

Check out the attic, storage areas, and stores of your house because pests come from the chimney. If it is not sealed correctly, then it's an open gateway for pests to live in the attic. It provides you an idea of pest's lives in the attic properly.

Professional Prevention

There are some more professional prevention measures as following:

Eliminate moisture

Just eliminate moisture and humidity from your home and keep the moderate temperature not so fresh and also not so hot in your attic and basement because the reason behind it some pests increase their breeding in the water and moist air. So, keep moisture-free air in your house; it's also good for the Human respiratory system.

Block entry points

Block all entry points for pests in your house. Keep your lawn and garden neat and clean sometimes, pests and wildlife hide in the bushes and enter into the attic through walls. Close all the small gaps and holes in your house.

Keep cleanliness

Keep your house neat and clean. Do vacuum properly to your floor and carpets too in your basement and attic. Wash your carpets and rugs properly. Growth of pest increases due to uncleanliness and dirty area.

Protect vulnerable items

Protect your susceptible items from attic or basement such as wooden furniture, cardboard boxes, books. Contain all your stuff in the plastic bags and place them into the safest place of your house. Protect your drawers, cabinet, and remain it clean.

Regular checkup and maintenance

Check your attic and basement and clean them properly. Check any damage or infestation that occurs due to pests. Spray pests spray in attic and basement. Clean the attic properly and keep it clean. Close the holes too.
If you are storing items and vulnerable luggage in your storerooms or attic, then remove them and store them at the safest place because attic pests or wildlife could damage it. If it is crucial to you, then call an attic pest exterminator to help you and guide you properly.

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